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She lived
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did she know that wearing no bra and underwear would be so sensuous and
revealing. Sweat poured from her every gland and she was thoroughly
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shocked her. She causally entered the elevator, which was empty.

It wasn’t until now that she realized her blouse stuck to her, fully
exposing her breasts and nipples which were fully erect. This excited her
so much, she had to stick her hand down her stockings and feel her wet,
slick, pussy. The elevator stopped at the fifth floor, even though she was
going to the tenth floor. A tall, dark haired man walked in, dressed in a
business suit. He caught glimpse of her sweat-soaked shirt and smiled.
She knew he was becoming hard, and she enjoyed it totally, by licking her
teeth to make it worse. She then, as it hit the tenth floor, dropped her
briefcase in front of her. She bent over to pick it up, sticking her ass
way in the air showing it off.